Keep the Feast

I’ve been reading through the Bible once a year since I was 12. This annual habit has probably shaped my spiritual life more than anything else.

I am a loud and long supporter of The Legacy Plan, but this September I started a new plan that I wanted to share with you.

It’s called Keep the Feast.

It’s by the same church that designed the Summer Bible Reading Challenge that the women of my church did this past summer — and, like the summer, several women (and men!) from my church are participating in this plan.

So are tens of thousands of other Christians from around the world, and there’s a Facebook group for us!

This plan is not for people who want a quick 2-minute “lite” devotional. It has you reading 6-7 chapters of the Bible a day and takes you through the entire Bible in just nine months.

But it is so worth it because nothing is more important than cultivating a daily discipline of reading God’s Word.

This book will transform you, encourage you, nourish you, and bless you.

It’s also a guilt-free plan with one free day a week and catch-up days sprinkled throughout the plan. It strongly encourages you to stick to the current day of the plan. So if you miss a day, just jump right back in with everybody else. No shame. We all miss days.

So if you’re looking for a plan — maybe you’ve been struggling to be consistent or been avoiding a plan because it’s easier to skip days — I’d encourage you to try this one out.

Click here to view the plan.

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