Read A Book With Me!

I love books a lot. 

And this year I'm trying to read more, which is why I created the 2018 Reading Challenge For Christian Youth. 

I'm also passionate about reading older books. TGC recently published an article I wrote called, "Why Young Christians Need Old Books."

Now I've got a reading project that merges both of those: I want to read a book with you!

I'm doing a 5-week online book study of C.S. Lewis' classic, The Screwtape Letters, and I want you to join me. 

How It Works

The Screwtape Letters is a pretty short book (just over 100 pages) and is divided into 31 chapters. So we're going to read 6 chapters a week for 5 weeks.

The online study starts on March 5 and will go until April 9. 

To join, enter your email below and I'll send you an email with a link to join a private Facebook group. Every Monday, I'll be posting in the Facebook group with a reflection on the last week's reading and sharing some discussion questions. (And if you don't have FB, don't worry. I'll also email that to you!)

This is our schedule: 

  • March 5-12: We officially start! Read chapters 1-6.
  • March 13-19: Read chapters 7-12.
  • March 20-26: Read chapters 13-18.
  • March 27-April 2: Read chapters 19-24.
  • April 3-9: Read chapters 25-31.

Why This Book

The Screwtape Letters is a fascinating and wonderful novel written as a series of letters from a senior demon (Screwtape) to his nephew, Wormwood. He explains how to tempt, distract, and shake a Christian's faith. The book is at the same time humorous, sobering, and eye-opening. 

And it is extraordinarily relevant for young Christians. 

In this stage of life, we have a lot to learn: self-awareness, discipline, how to fight temptation and stay focused, faithfulness, purity. This book talks about all of that and more. 

This study is primarily for young Christians, but older Christians are welcome to read this through with us. Just know that it's designed for Christians 25-and-under-ish (and led by me, a 20-year-old!). 

Your Next Steps

1. Get the book! You can get it from Amazon (US, Canada),, Westminster Book Store, Book Depository, or any other places Christian books are sold. 

2. Enter your email below.

3. Join the FB group. 

4. Start reading it with me on March 5. I can't wait to have you join me!