Growing in Grace: May 2017

Every month or so, I round up some of my favorite links from around the web. Here's what I found this month. 

12 Things Every Christian Teenager Should Know — Inspired by This Changes Everything, David Qaoud wrote this marvelous article of advice for teenagers. I want to save this one and pass it out to all the teens I know.

Advance! — Tim Challies has been writing a series of blog posts for young Christians. They're excellent, and you'll want to check them out. (Dad and I will also be talking about them on upcoming episodes of Age of Minority. We discussed the first article here.)

How I Research Books — Tony Reinke is one of the most astute researchers I know. Here he answers the question he's often posed: "How do you research your books?"

How To Make Date Caramel — This seems ridiculously easy. I'm planning on making it to drizzle over strawberries.

5 Culinary Greats Give Their Advice to Grads — This is just solid life advice right here: "Cook with a dirty fryer, and you cook garbage. Start with a clean fryer, and you get something perfect, simple, and poetic. Just like all of cooking, and all of life. Garbage in, garbage out." —Mario Batali

On Redefining Words and Character Assassination — I don't know if you've been following what happened with Jen Hatmaker and a recent post by Jonathan Merritt, but this is a winsome and important response.

Starving Myself Meant Losing Myself — An unusually candid and un-self-help piece on eating disorders. This: "I keep waiting to be well. Truly well. And I know there will be a day when that healing comes, when my eyes will be 'suddenly cleared.' Meanwhile, I no longer starve myself and I have learned to quiet the hypercritical voice inside my head."

The Reconnect with Carmen LaBerge — I did this interview at the beginning of the month, and we talked about how teens can rise above low expectations and find their identity in Christ. This episode also contained some important conversation on the newly released 13 Reasons Why.

13 Reasons Why is Deceptive and Destructive — Speaking of 13 Reasons, here is a powerful piece from Trevin Wax on the show.

A Few Writing Tips — For my fellow writers out there, here are 10 killer tips from Fred Sanders.