A Hopeful, Humorous, Profound Talk on Singleness

When Dad and I were at The Gospel Coalition National Conference earlier this month, we had the ridiculously difficult task of choosing just three workshops to attend. The ones we hit were excellent, but there were others I itched to hear as well.

Thankfully, TGC recorded all the workshops and posted them online for you to listen to for free!

And I want to highlight one that I listened to after the conference: "Common Misconceptions About Singleness" by Sam Allberry.

Sam is British, articulate, witty, and gospel-focused. With that combination, how can you go wrong? He speaks with great insight, compassion, and clarity — and also a generous joy.

Whether you're single or married, this talk is life-giving and perspective-shifting. 

Listen here.

If marriage shows us the shape of the gospel, singleness shows us its sufficiency.
— Sam Allberry