Episode 07: The Epic Episode

In this epic episode (clocking in at 45 minutes), Jaquelle and Sean recap CROSS Conference, reflect on 2016, look forward to 2017, and talk about new year’s resolutions. They also cover fangirling over John Piper, the best granola Jaquelle’s ever had, that time they smuggled almonds into Canada, and why Jonathan Edwards’ resolutions are the best.

2:07: The CROSS recap starts
21:53: Jaquelle and Sean reflect on 2016 and 2017
28:29: Jaquelle shares a few of her favorite books from 2016
38:59: The new year’s resolutions talk starts

Recommended Resources
+ CROSS Conference
+ Tim Challies’ 2017 Reading Challenge
+ The Babylon Bee
+ Jonathan Edwards’ 70 Resolutions