How I Knew I Was Called To Write

This past weekend we opened registration for the online writing community I helped create, The Young Writer’s Workshop.

As a part of this program, our students can ask us instructors their questions about writing and we do our best to answer them.

A couple of days ago a student asked a question I got especially passionate about: “How did you know you were called to write?”

Calling is a question a lot of people have, so I thought my answer to her might encourage you today.

Hey friend. I love this question and have thought a LOT about it, so buckle in here. =P

The short answer is: I never knew I was called to write.

I just loved writing and sought to be faithful with the opportunities God provided for me. Yes, I had to work super hard, but God was the one who opened all the doors. And since I believed it would honor him to walk through them, I did.

We often make the idea of “calling” into a mystical, complex thing. We think we need to hear the audible voice of God or get a dream or see a tangible sign to know what to do. But that’s not how calling works.

God isn’t a capricious game master, putting two doors before us and hoping we’ll choose the “right” one. He doesn’t try to confuse us. In his word, he tells us exactly what to do — honor him and love others (1 Thess. 4:3; 5:18; Eph. 5:15-20; Micah 6:8).

If you’re seeking to do that, whether you decide to be a writer or a painter is kinda irrelevant in God’s economy. 

If each job would equally glorify God, then choose which one you want. Personal desire is a factor underneath obedience to God.

I would highly recommend you check out Kevin DeYoung’s book, Just Do Something, as you think about this more. Or an episode of my podcast all about calling. Actually, at 12:15 in this episode, you can hear me answer the exact question, “How did I know I was called to be a writer?” 

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