I'm Feeling 22

Last Tuesday I celebrated my 22nd birthday, and it was a welcome reminder of just how much I have to learn. But it was also a reminder that God has taught me a lot over the past 22 years.

These are 22 of those lessons (from the serious to the silly).

  1. Life is a gift, every breath and every day.

  2. Humility is the path to true joy.

  3. Roasting vegetables makes them taste so much better.

  4. God uses ordinary faithfulness for his glory.

  5. I need the whole Bible, every bit of it.

  6. Being slow to speak makes life better (for me and everyone involved).

  7. The church is one of God’s greatest gifts to his people.

  8. Coffee actually isn’t terrible.

  9. Waiting for God’s timing is way better than trying to control my life.

  10. My parents are really smart.

  11. There is nothing better than books.

  12. A willingness to laugh at yourself will get you far in life.

  13. Marriage is amazing.

  14. Different does not equal bad.

  15. Unmet expectations breed disappointment.

  16. Discernment is key.

  17. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” — Winston Churchill

  18. Superheroes bring out the best in us.

  19. Giving is way more fun than receiving.

  20. Productivity makes a terrible god.

  21. Serving others is more fulfilling than serving yourself.

  22. The gospel really does change everything.

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