The Most Important Book I'm Reading This Summer

I recently shared my summer reading list with you. It’s a combination of novels, memoirs, and books on Christian living.

But there’s another book I’m reading over the summer, one I’m devoting more time and (I hope!) care and attention to.

And that’s the Bible.

This summer I’m doing something special, though.

I’m reading through the New Testament with all the women in my church — and several thousand women (and men!) around the world.

I’m participating in #SamePageSummer. Have you heard of it?

Pastor Douglas Wilson explains:

“The idea is a simple one. Get a number of people to join you in reading through the New Testament. We go at a decent clip, but not a furious one. There are catch-up days built into the schedule, we take Sundays off, and the whole enterprise is approached in a spirit of get to, not got to. This is not to minimize the fact that we have a duty to be in the Word, but rather to teach and model a different approach to how we approach our duties.

“Christians from many different traditions have gotten involved in this, and, as we like to put it, although there are many places where we differ, we are all literally on the same page.” 

It’s providing a wonderful dose of accountability, clarity, motivation, and community in my reading of God’s Word.

At church, us women can casually talk about what we read that day because we all read it. It’s building a stronger spirit of unity in our church and drawing us as women closer together.

But even if your church isn’t doing it, you can participate all on your own. There’s a Facebook group where women can share their thoughts, questions, and reflections on the text. It’s so encouraging to be a part of something bigger than just yourself.

If you’re in a rut in your Bible reading or simply want to join with me (and thousands of others), why don’t you consider joining in the fun of #SamePageSummer?

You can find more info here.

Whether or not you’re doing this plan or another plan or no plan, I hope this summer finds you treasuring and learning from the Word of God more than any other book.

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