The Most Important Lesson Blogging Has Taught Me

There’s always something to learn.

That’s it. That’s the most important lesson blogging has taught me.

Whether I’m reading God’s Word, reflecting on a discipleship session, considering a conversation with friends, remembering a vacation, evaluating books, engaging with holidays or current events or culture… there’s always something to take in.

In a few months, I’ll celebrate my 10-year blogging anniversary.

Why haven’t I stopped blogging?

Because there’s always something to write about. Because there’s always something to learn.

I don’t write because I have all the answers. I write to find them.

Blogging has forced me to find ideas. And to find ideas, you have to stay curious and thoughtful. You have to avoid turning your brain on auto-pilot. Otherwise, the ideas will stop. And you’ll wonder, “Why don’t I have anything to write about?”

And you’ll realize that your wonder radar has gotten fuzzy and lethargic. You’ve gotten a little lazy.

Because there is so much to see, experience, process, and learn about. Every word in the Bible is worth thinking about. Every flower and river and mountain tells a story about its Creator. Every sermon, every book, every movie is brimming with opportunities to grow.

The world is a magical, difficult, funny, terrible, exhausting, incredible place. And life is short. We have lots fo learn.

So don’t turn your brain on auto-pilot. Don’t coast. Don’t let your wonder radar grow dim.

This world is not our home, but we have been put here to glorify God, serve others, and grow. Never stop learning.

And one day you’ll look back, realize it’s been 10 years, and discover just how much you’ve grown.

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