A Few Thoughts On Love

This Thursday is Valentine’s Day. Over the years, I’ve written a fair amount about love, relationships, and dating.

And today I want to round up a few articles I’ve written over the years specifically about love…

10 Lies Culture Tells Teens About Sex, Love, And Romance (The Rebelution) — I wrote this two and a half years ago, and I still see these lies perpetuated constantly.

7 Reasons Why I Don’t Date (Even Though I Like Boys) (The Rebelution) — This is the first article I wrote that went “viral” (at least for 17-year-old me). I got loads of hate on it, but I still stand by the premise: casual teen dating isn’t helping anyone. Marshall Segal wrote a compelling article that follows the same theme here: Wait To Date Until You Can Marry.

5 Books On Romantic Relationships Young Christians Should Read (Blog) — I read a lot of books on romantic relationships last year, and here are 5 that stood out.

Do You Hate Being Single? (Blog) — Interestingly enough, I wrote this article two months before I started dating my now fiancé, Joe. It’s all about the benefits of being single…

6 Lessons From My Father On How To Pick A Spouse (The Rebelution) — This article also stirred up a fair bit of controversy… and I never understood why. My dad didn’t pick my spouse, but he taught me how to pick him.

The Sermon Series On Romance You Need To Hear (Blog) — Tim Keller’s “Meaning of Marriage” sermon series changed my (romantic) life.

5 Questions To Ask Before You Start Dating (Desiring God) — Some questions I thought through before dating Joe.

What Our Cultural Love Of Long Romances Says About Us (Blog) — A blog post from several years ago where I look at why we love long marriages (and what that teaches us about love).

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