My 2018 Favorites

Every month I share my favorite articles, products, food, memories, books, and music that are bringing me a little bit of joy. Well, today I want to share with you the things that stood out from 2018 as my very favorites.

And then I’d love to know: what were your favorite things from 2018?

Getting a car — Having a car is a huge gift and privilege. I’m thankful for it a lot. Getting it last January impacted 2018 in a really great way.

Candles — I love candles so much, and this year my obsession really went to the next level. My mom struggles with sinus issues, so I don’t burn too many of them… but now that I’m moving out in two months, I have a serious stockpile to burn in my new house. #sorrynotsorry

Dresses — This year I seriously got into dresses. They’re pretty, flattering, and modest. Why don’t females wear them all the time?!

The Manual and Co. Dairy Bar — This pop-up shop in downtown Halifax has been my favorite ice cream place for a few years now. This summer I had more ice cream there than ever, though, because I started dating someone who loves ice cream a LOT. But in his defense, their salted caramel crunch sundae is perfection.

Scribd — Like Netflix but for books. During the last half of 2018, I really started using this site seriously and I love it. I’m reading more and am more motivated to read.

Jordan’s Messyges — Jordan Taylor of Blimey Cow answers serious and ridiculous questions that viewers submit to him. It’s always hilarious.

Face masks — Another obsession of mine. Highlights of 2018 include the Glam Glow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment, Memebox Disco Kitten Mask, L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks, and the Sephora Collection Primer Mask.

The prophets — Especially Jeremiah. He rocked my 2018. I’ve always had a difficult time with this book, and when I reached him in my daily devotions in the summer, I was so exhausted and confused, I gave up. But when I came back to him in October, it’s like he lit a fire in me. I couldn’t get enough of Jeremiah. I was poring over it, marking it up and taking notes like crazy, unbelievably excited to read it every day. I learned a lot and found my Bible reading change because of it.

“Life Changes” by Thomas Rhett — This song probably defined 2018. Joe introduced me to Thomas Rhett (and other various country artists), and this song both speaks to my life and is very catchy.

Joe — Aka, the dude I fell in love with in 2018 and who will become my husband in 2019. He is amazing, and he makes my life way more amazing. And he wins as my favorite for this year.

What were your favorites of the year?

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