Reminder: Heaven Is Real

I know you know that.

But if you’re like me, you could probably use a reminder. Life has a way of being terribly distracting, numbing, and consuming. We’re frustratingly forgetful people.

Here’s the reality: Heaven is real. Really, truly, permanently real. And it’s coming.

A sinless world is coming. A pain-free world is coming. A world devoid of worry, stress, exhaustion, everything in your life you’re freaking out about right now, every little thing that bothers you, every big thing that keeps you up at night… all gone.

I needed that reminder today.

This morning I woke up and it was an ordinary Tuesday. There were a few things I was looking forward to, a few things I wasn’t. I mentally ran through my to-do list, felt a smidgen overwhelmed, sighed, and got to my day.

But I started with my devotions. Those found me in John 16, where Jesus talks to his disciples about turning their sorrow into joy. He tells them how he will bring an unstoppable, untouchable happiness that will change their lives with stunning force. And he says that no one, nothing, will take that joy from them.

As I considered this, I reflected on the joy that Jesus brings to our lives. But that pushed me forward, to the joy that Jesus will bring into our lives with the ushering in of the New Heavens and New Earth. Because that’s coming.

Reminder: Heaven is real. And it’s coming at us lightning fast. This life is short. And in light of life’s brevity, our long list of worries could be slashed to pieces. Are you worried about school, work, relationship drama, money, politics? The day is coming where your worries behind those things will dissolve forever. No more worrying about work, no more problems in relationships, no more stress about school. That day is coming. It really is.

I have a thick skull, and I need repeated reminders: Heaven is real. It’s not just a fairy tale, meant to coddle and comfort. It’s the truest truth you’ll find. And it should change how you live today.

As Randy Alcorn says, “this world is the closest thing to Heaven unbelievers will ever experience, and the closest thing to hell believers will ever know.“

Heaven is so much better than we can even imagine, and this life is a faint blip in the line stretching toward eternity. Live like that today. Live for what matters, and don’t stress about what doesn’t.

Because… reminder: Heaven is real.