My August Favorites

I’m back from vacation and while I have some reflections on it rumbling around, they’re not quite ready for public consumption yet.

So in the meantime, here are some of my favorites from the past month and a half.

She Reads Truth - I hit a slump in my devotions a month or so ago and decided to take a break from my year-long Bible reading plan and do some concentrated studies. I did the SRT study on Psalms for Prayer and now I’m studying Nehemiah. They have been extremely encouraging.

Owl City - I was obsessed with Owl City as a teen and then overdosed a little bit and subsequently took a break from listening to him. But I have totally gotten into him again over the last few months and he is so delightful.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before - Everybody’s talking about this Netflix movie and I have to join them. It’s so fun!! (Fyi, it is PG-13, so make sure to check out a review before watching.)

Reading books - My summer was way too busy, so busy that I didn’t have near enough reading time. The last few weeks I’ve been reading a ton, though, and remembering why books are the best.

My new letter board - The birthday gift that keeps on giving. I’ve started a list of quotes to put on it. Let me know if you have any good ones!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Line - This line from The Body Shop is so good (especially if you deal with any acne). My favorites are their classic tea tree oil and the anti-imperfection night mask.

Sweaters - Okay, I’ve only been able to wear sweaters for the last week but sweater weather is officially here in Nova Scotia, and it is glorious.

Cha Baa Thai - Currently my and Joe’s favorite restaurant.

Turning 21 - Who knows what this year will hold?

This Changes Everything tracts - The team at Crossway and I collaborated on this cool project: a gospel tract for teens based off the message of TCE. And they just released!

I hope you had a great summer! What were your favorites?