When It's You Against The World

We all have those days.

Those "me against the world" days.

Those furiously, frustratingly irritable days. Nothing is wrong, and everything is wrong. The world is out to get us at every twist and turn. Every stop light, every customer, every family member, every inanimate object is part of a global conspiracy to ruin our day. 

And it works. We're ready to check out and go to bed by 5:00 because we just can't even.

My question is: how do we honor God on those days?

I actually hate that question. At least, my sinful self does.

That's because it stops me dead in my tracks and takes my eyes off of me. It doesn't give me freedom to wallow in self-pity on my bad day. The question answers itself.

In those frustrating days, we're not "let off the hook" from obedience. These are the days when it counts the most.

When we're wrestling with sin and selfishness, that's when our faith is truly tested. 

Do we really believe God is more worthy of worship than us? Do we really believe our happiness is rooted in him? Do we really believe he's better than anything? Do we really trust him more than our feelings? And will we really act on that trust?

Those days when we're tired and angry at life, the ones where everyone and everything bothers us, will we honor God? Will we pray? Will we soak in the peace-inducing words of Scripture? 

Those are the questions we face. And the way we answer them changes our day. 

Even more, the way we answer them changes our life. 

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