My June Favorites

Here are the things that made me happy this month. 

TGCW18 - It was so much fun to go to The Gospel Coalition Women's Conference with my mom this year! We also flew into Indianapolis a few days early and had a mini girls trip. It was too much fun! (All the conference media is online now if you want to watch/listen.)

Homemade granola - Such a simple and delicious breakfast (I usually have this with some unsweetened almond milk, and it is the best). This recipe is also amazing because you can adapt it however you want and make a hundred different combinations.  

Chris Pratt's MTV Speech - This took over the internet for good reason. (And stay tuned for Friday when Dad and I release an episode of Age of Minority where we talk all about it.)

Joe - The big news in my world is that I'm in a relationship, and that has definitely been one of the best parts of June!

Magic - Ben Rector's new album came out this month and it has been on repeat for me. My favorite song is, "Kids."  

The 100 Squats Challenge - A friend and I are doing Blogilates' 100 squats a day for 30 days challenge, and I actually love it. 

This concealer - The best.

Drinking more water - Staying hydrated is always cool, yo. 

Scribd - This is like Netflix for books. At first, I wasn't so sure about it, but my dad swears by it and I've used it a ton this past month. For now, I'm sold. 

What have been your favorites from June?

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