My May Favorites

Here are some of my favorite articles, places, podcasts, clothes, and resources from this month!

The Sorta Awesome Podcast - This show is all about how to make your life more fun, especially in the midst of all the ordinary parts — cooking, parenting, cleaning, reading, hosting, holidays, school, and more.

If I Were 22 Again - I loved this piece by John Piper so much. Technically I won't be 22 until next year, but this gets me revved up and excited about using my twenties with gospel intentionality.

Fresh flowers - Spring is here, which means I can buy fresh flowers all the time and it makes me so happy.

Some Practical Advice for Christian Graduates - "So what’s some practical advice for Christian graduates? You can find some advice below. This list is not exhaustive. Just a few things that came to me when writing. I have in mind Christians who are graduating from college, but high school seniors and parents and other eavesdroppers are welcomed, too."

Spending way less time on Twitter - I deleted the app from my phone, and I'm already seeing my happiness increase. (Though before you admire me, know that I'm probably spending all this extra time on Instagram...!)

This rosewater facial spray - My holy grail skin care product. And it's not even that pricey!

Day One Journaling App - I am terrible at journaling. I'm just really inconsistent. Well, this app is helping me get better at it. It reminds me every day and syncs between my phone and computer. For me, it's paid off.

The Dairy Bar - Aka, my favorite place in Halifax. Expensive ice cream, but totally worth it. 

The best mascara ever - I'm not even kidding. You guys (err, gals), this is the best. 

Ben Rector - I am crazy excited for his new album releasing in a few weeks.

Idols of the Heart by Elyse Fitzpatrick - I've been reading this with my devotions each morning and I am finding it incredibly convicting and liberating. Phenomenal read.

What were your favorites this month?

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