Why I Don't Pray

Why don't I pray?

Because I forget.

Because I spend so much time on my smartphone that I no longer have quiet spaces during my day.

Because I prioritize reading the Bible but act like prayer isn't quite as important.

Because it feels too hard. 

Because it feels rote. 

Because I feel guilty.

Because I feel like I've sinned too much too recently and I can't cry out for help before repentance. 

Because someday there's no feeling of connection or intimacy.

Because I don't want to.

Because I don't know what to say. 

Because I'm greedy with my time.

Because I'm self-dependent and trust myself.

Because my requests seem so insignificant and silly in the face of somebody's cancer diagnosis or poverty or starvation.

Because it's not my designated "prayer time" during morning devotions.

Because I'll pray about it later... whenever that is.

Because I've lulled myself to complacency and I'm forgetful about the miracle that is prayer.

Because my eyes aren't on the glory of God. They're on myself. They're on my circumstances. Ultimately, that's why I don't pray. That might manifest in one of the excuses above but it all comes back to my selfishness and lack of awareness of the character of God. 

I need to pray. 

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