The Sermon Series On Romance You Need To Hear

It started on Instagram... like so many good stories do. 

A cool human I follow named Ellissa Baird posted about a sermon series by Tim Keller that was having a wonderful and radical impact on her. The sermon series was called "The Meaning of Marriage."

Immediately, I was intrigued — for three reasons.

First, because I read his book (of the same title) last year and was absolutely blown away by how good it was.

Second, because I feel like romance is a subject I'm unqualified to talk about, yet (as someone with a growing ministry to young women) it's also one I'm increasingly confronted with.

And third, because I want to get married someday. And that means I'm conscious of learning, growing, and getting as biblically prepared as I can get.

So I started listening to the sermons.

And I was more blessed, encouraged, convicted, inspired, and transformed than I had dared hope.

The series is 9 sermons long as Tim Keller preaches from every angle of Ephesians 5:21-33. Speaking to a Manhattan congregation largely comprised of young people (many of them single), Tim Keller shares about the essential components that make up a good marriage — and that inform looking for a good spouse.

With uncompromising clarity and ash-dry humor, he shares decades of wisdom staunchly rooted in Scripture. 

Just look at these sermon titles:

  • Marriage as a Ministry Power
  • Marriage as Commitment
  • Marriage as Commitment and Priority
  • Marriage as Priority and Friendship
  • Marriage as Friendship
  • Marriage as Completion: One Flesh
  • Marriage as Completion: Gender Roles Part 1
  • Marriage as Completion: Gender Roles Part 2
  • Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Next week is Valentine's Day, so what better time than now to consider what God thinks about romance?

If you're not married, don't think this sermon series isn't for you. Seriously. This should be the time when you're investing in preparing for it and pursuing your own heart's holiness. Be the kind of person that is the spouse you want. 

And if you're looking for a robustly Christ-focused perspective on love, marriage, and romance, check out this sermon series by Tim Keller.

Click here to listen to the sermons.

Or click here to view and download the sermons on iTunes or in your Apple podcast app.

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