The 2 Things I'm Doing This December

It’s December. It’s Advent. They're playing Christmas carols in the mall. We put up our Christmas tree last weekend. The season is here.

And I'm on a mission to do two things this month: 1) rejoice and 2) rest.

This is a celebration! I don't want to let busyness, distraction, or mishaps frustrate me. I want this to be a happy time. Just think about what we're celebrating — the birth of the Savior. We're celebrating the rescue plan of God. We're celebrating the King. I want to rejoice in that.

But I also want to rest. I don't want to be so consumed by doing that I don't take time to stop and reflect. I want to soak in the meaning of the season through intentional pauses. I want this to be a time of refreshment.

Will you join me?

This isn't a radical invitation. You'll probably see lots of reminders about it this season. But let me encourage you to take heed of them. And really pay attention. Really listen. And rejoice and rest.

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