My November Favorites

Getting engaged!! — Okay, technically this happened in October (October 28th, to be exact) but to say it’s impacted November is kind of an understatement. The day we got engaged was a Sunday and Joe and I took a drive out to the Annapolis Valley (about an hour and a half away) after church. It had been raining all day, but it stopped so we decided to go to the Blomidon Look Off (just click the link and see the pictures… it’s a stunning view). And there in the mud, Joe got down on one knee and proposed. It was a little bit magical. Oh yeah, and I said yes.

Paqui Wild Ranch Tortilla Chips — I could eat these for days… and I do.

Christmas music! — I am so here for Christmas music in November. Is there any song happier than Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You”? No. The answer is no.

The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace — My mom and I are reading a number of books in preparation for me getting married in March, and this is one of them. This book is intense (in the best kind of way). Martha Peace is everything you don’t expect in a Christian women’s author. She’s blunt, no-nonsense, and tough as nails. There’s no coddling here, just conviction — and I love it. If you’re a woman who’s married, engaged, or wanting to prepare for marriage, this is a must-read.

L’Oreal Paris Clay Masks — I love these face masks. And they’re pretty cheap too.

Wedding dress shopping — I just bought my dress a couple days ago! My mom and I had a lot of fun looking. This dress is so beautiful, and I’ll definitely share details and pics after the wedding.

Winter candles — The Christmas candles at Bath & Body Works are next level. I think my current favorite is Hot Cocoa & Cream.

Hallmark Christmas movies — The best genre of movies. Don’t fight me on this one.

Cold weather — As in, I finally get to wear sweaters every day. Thank you, Canada.

What have been your favorite things from November?

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