20 Things I'm Thankful For

I was recently on Instagram when I saw a post about gratitude. This person was reflecting on the fact that while we often feel grateful, we rarely express that gratitude.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to express that gratitude, so here are 20 things I’m grateful for (out of the 100 billion reasons God’s given me to be grateful).

  1. God’s presence, protection, and peace in my life.

  2. My incredible fiancé, Joe, who I get to marry in 123 days (!!!).

  3. A job that I love and that allows me to be flexible with my time and resources.

  4. My parents, who have faithfully invested in my life for 21 years and continue to help and disciple me as I transition into a new season.

  5. My brother, who was the person to introduce me to Marvel movies.

  6. Electricity and running water (after it went out the other night, I’m reminded anew what a privilege it is).

  7. My own car.

  8. A church family who loves, supports, and serves me.

  9. Friends, close and long-distance.

  10. Sweaters!

  11. Clothes in general, and the freedom to buy more/new stuff when I need it (or want it).

  12. Books. So many books.

  13. Access to good resources and teaching.

  14. My Casper mattress.

  15. A cat who provides so much joy and play in my life.

  16. My country, which has a lot of problems but also has a lot of privileges that I’m thankful for.

  17. Cold weather (I am Canadian to the core; I love me some below freezing temps).

  18. Restaurants that sell food like sushi and stir fry (and the ability to afford them).

  19. Music. What a gift that is!

  20. God’s Word, and my freedom to read it whenever I want.

What are you thankful for?

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