What I Do For Work

"So... what do you actually do?"

Often when I meet new people (or catch up with old friends), this is the question I get. They see me writing. They see me making a podcast. They see me traveling and speaking.

But most people assume that those things don’t make all that much money. And they would be right.

Which is why I do have a job that provides me with the income and flexibility I need to be able to do all those fun things.

However, it’s not the most traditional job. I don’t commute. I don’t wear a business suit. I’m on my computer the whole work day.

So what is it?

I work for a start-up that I co-founded. It’s an online membership site for young Christian writers called The Young Writer’s Workshop.

And until Sunday, registration for the YWW is open.  


The Young Writer's Workshop is a monthly membership program I co-founded with Brett Harris.

Our goal is to help young Christian writers (i.e., ages 12-25) write more and write better by equipping them with the knowledge of what they need to do to accomplish their writing goals and the practical training on how to do that.

Every month, we release new pieces of content, like exclusive interviews with an author, agent, or editor (e.g., K.M. Weiland or Melody Carlson or professionals from Bethany House or Crossway); writing critiques; or how-to teaching videos on everything from how to overcome writer's block to how to write an outline.

We also do monthly live Q&A’s with our students to help them get unstuck.

But what our students may love even more than this educational content is the huge community of other young Christian writers they get connected to. They get support. They get encouragement. They get the feeling they're not alone. 

And that’s what we wish we had when we were young writers.


The YWW is for:

  • Young people who have just dabbled in writing but are ready to get serious and see where it takes them.

  • Dedicated young writers who are ready to pursue publication and need to know how.

  • Writers who don't want to pursue writing as a long-term career but know it's a valuable skill and want to learn how to do it more effectively.

  • Homeschool families who want a Creative Writing curriculum for junior high or high school students.

  • Any young Christian interested in writing!


We only open registration a few times a year so that we can stay focused on our students. This time it's open for 9 days... and since we opened last Friday, that means you only have until this Sunday.

We will be opening registration again in the future, but we'd love for you to join now!

If this sounds like something you (or your kids) would be interested in, you can visit our registration page here.

I love this job because I love the community and team we’ve built. I couldn’t imagine a better place.

And I’d love to have you join us.

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