Growing in Grace: September 2017

Life is Short - "I know it’s a cliche, but it’s also true: life is short. Often far too short."

The Beauty of a Defiant Church - When this church lost a young member to a skydiving accident, they worshiped. This is a beautiful, courageous piece.

Practical Study Tips for Overwhelmed Students - These are excellent!

For the Ordinary Women - "There is no perfection here. But there is most certainly beauty."

Nabeel Qureshi (1983-2017) - A brave, faithful gospel laborer has passed away. This reflection on his life is extremely powerful.

Student Discipleship Guide - If you're looking for resources for students, this guide is packed full of fantastic suggestions.

What Does a Healthy Writer, Reader, Publisher Relationship Look Like? - For my friends who are writers, readers, or, yes, publishers, this was an informing read.

Holding Space: A Public Lament - I don't agree with everything Tish Harrison Warren writes, but this reflection on grief was profound and moving. Sometimes we need to hear others' experiences to remember that we're not alone. We're not weird. Grief is horrible, but it's normal.

On Falling in Love Biblically - "Even more than a pretty face or a chiseled body, the main things we should be looking for in our deepest, most enduring relationships are: a) a humble, honest heart, and b) a well-worn Bible."

The Gospel Coalition Women's 2018 Conference Registration is Open! - This is such a rich, fun conference, and this year, the theme is Deuteronomy. Looks good!