Growing in Grace: August 2017

You're Not a Student First: I'm pretty sure I share this every year, but it's that good. 

Why Joni Eareckson Tada Wants to Bring Her Wheelchair to Heaven: This is absolutely magnificent. A must read.

When Worship Lyrics Miss the Mark: "God’s delight in us is the overflow of his fullness, not the compensation of his emptiness. Does the song help the people feel that wonder? That’s the question."

Put Jealousy to Death: This was my article at Unlocking the Bible this month, and as I wrote it, I realized, we don't talk about jealousy all that much.  

Born in Slavery, Longing for Freedom: Here's the fascinating, encouraging story of Thomas Johnson.

9Marks Reviews This Changes Everything: This was definitely the review my dad was most excited about. It's certainly the longest review and one of the most gracious.

How To Read More Books Despite Digital Distractions: This is a brilliant (and necessary) article.

Why Does it Take an Eclipse to Get Us to Look Up to the Heavens?: Because we lack wonder and need more of it.

John MacArthur Soars Out Of Lakewood Church Rafters To Elbow Drop Joel Osteen: First of all, this is satire. Please don't be alarmed. Second, my dad and I actually visited John MacArthur's church a couple Sundays ago when we were in LA, so this headline caught my eye. Third of all, this is just hilarious.

P2C PLUS Conference in Toronto: I am getting supah pumped to go to Toronto with my bro the last week in December to speak at the P2C PLUS Conference. If you're a high school senior or college student in the area, would you consider joining us?