Growing in Grace: July 2017

Growing in Grace is a monthly roundup of links I enjoyed/benefited from around the web.

Every Book of the Bible in One Word :: This is absolutely fantastic. How would you summarize every book of the Bible in one word?

A Quick Fix for Low Self-Esteem :: "Here’s a quick fix for low self-esteem, a tried and true pick-me-up: Say something negative about another person."

How Much Longer Do We Have? :: The subtitle of this article is "Living By Faith While Our Son is Dying." It is a devastating, heartbreaking piece woven with hope and despair. There is also a brief (7-minute) documentary this family created that is definitely worth the watch.

10 Terms to Know to Become a Conscious Consumer :: I found this extremely helpful. It is not meant to induce guilt as this whole conversation is largely based on conscience, but it gets an interesting conversation started.

Paleo, Kale, Crossfit, and the Glory of God :: I benefited from this perspective.

4 Lies My Pain Tells Me :: A teen friend wrote this deeply personal and powerful piece on suffering.

How to Write the Worst Allegory Ever :: This is hilarious! And very true.

How We Misunderstand Strong Women :: Jasmine Holmes has become my hero in so many ways. Read this article and then just start reading everything she writes.

Standing Against a Destructive Misogyny Threatening Our Children :: "I was reluctant to write about this because it is so awful and embarrassing even to acknowledge. But there it is. It is reality, and it is all around us. ... The sexual revolution which promised to liberate has given birth to a destructive misogyny that is now being soft-pedaled as “normal” by the likes of Teen Vogue."

Still Jesus (A New Album From Shai Linne) :: This killer new album just released last Friday (and is causing some interesting waves in Christian hip hop). My favorite song is definitely "Startling Mystery."