The Young Writers Workshop is Back!

Okay, in all fairness, the Young Writers Workshop hasn't gone anywhere. Since last February when we launched it, it's been growing and thriving.

But now, from June 27-July 1, registration is open again!

What's the YWW?

The Young Writers Workshop is a monthly membership site I co-founded with Brett Harris.

Our goal is to serve young Christian writers (i.e., 30-and-under) by equipping them with the knowledge of what they need to do to accomplish their writing goals and the practical training on how to do that.

Every week we release one new piece of content. It might be an exclusive interview with an author, agent, or editor. It might be a writing critique. It might be a book proposal critique. It might be a practical, how-to teaching video on everything from how to craft a compelling protagonist to how to build a platform to how to overcome writer's block.

But what our students may love even more is the huge community of other young Christian writers they get connected to. They get support. They get encouragement. They get the feeling they're not alone. 

Who is the YWW For?

The YWW is for:

  • Young people who have just dabbled in writing but are ready to get serious and see where it takes them.
  • Dedicated young writers who are ready to pursue publication and need to know how. 
  • Writers who don't want to pursue writing as a long-term career but know it's a valuable skill and want to learn how to do it more effectively.
  • Any young Christian interested in writing!

Registration is Open for 5 Days!

So that we can stay focused on our students, we only open registration for a few days at a time. This time it's open for 5 days.

We will be opening registration again in the future, but we're offering an exclusive low price of $30 that will go up the next time we open registration. If you want to join and stay locked in at this low price for as long as you remain a member, we'd love for you to join now!

If this sounds like something you (or your kids) would be interested in, you can visit our registration page here.

Click here to learn more about the Young Writers Workshop.