6 Ways to Avoid Delayed Adulthood

This piece on TGC by David 'Gunner' Gundersen is absolutely killer. (Insert multiple fire emojis here.)

"Maturity will always be in high demand. Societies need good citizens. Nations clamor for noble leaders. Businesses seek out responsible employees. Parents long for prudent children. And the church of Jesus Christ, wherever it’s healthy, is marked by maturing members.

Like farmers want their harvests ripe and fathers want their sons wise, God wants his people mature. But right when everyone’s desperate for more true grownups, we’re delaying the process of growing up. We’re doing one of the most dangerous things any society can do: keeping our youth young.

So how can the next generation move toward maturity? How can adolescents grow into young adults? How can college students move through the college years with increasing integrity, character, maturity, skill, and productivity?

Here are six basic steps to help the saplings of the next generation add rings as they reach for the light."

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