On the Day Before My Book Comes Out

It's the day before my book comes out.

And I'm not quite sure what I feel. Excitement, of course. But my book has launched so gradually (with people getting books early and enthusiasm building and ebbing and flowing) that tomorrow doesn't really feel special. But it is special.

There's surrealness naturally. I mean, it's a book. My book. A real book. That people will actually read! 

There's some fear mixed in too. Fear of rejection. Fear of failing. Fear of my own sin and insecurities. Fear of the temptations this book will present.

But there's also gratitude. To God, first and foremost, for orchestrating this opportunity. And then for every person he's used throughout the process — in particular: my agent, Brett Harris (who's been dealing with a life crisis for the last few months yet has persistently carved out time and done so much for the book), the people at Crossway (who from top to bottom have been nothing short of kind, gracious, and extremely enthusiastic), and my parents (who read every word of my book multiple times, who loved and corrected and powered me with granola — this really is their book too).

There's wonder that God would use these words to reach others for his glory, that I might be allowed some small part in building his kingdom through my little book.

And there's both contentment that I did my best and comfort that God is sovereign and will do whatever he wants with the book. 

It's the day before my book comes out. Will you pray for me?