So What's Going on with My Book?

You may know that I wrote a book. It comes out in 31 days.

(I hope you pictured me saying that in the most cavalier and nonchalant tone. I probably shrugged my shoulders too, just to say, "You know, nbd."

Meanwhile, this was me inside: THIS IS NOT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Anyway, a lot of fun things are going on with my book and, since people have asked, I wanted to let you know about them. 

A Video. A couple of weeks ago I recorded the voiceover for a short animated video Crossway is creating for my book. From the behind-the-scenes magic I've seen already, this video is going to be beautiful. The designers who are working on it are so incredibly skilled. That will release at the start of "Launch Week" (the week leading up to my official release date, so March 27-31).

Graphics. Crossway has also created some fun quote graphics of my book for you and me to share/post. I'll be posting them here on Thursday, so you'll be able to see and share them as much as you like. I did post one below for you to preview, though!

Facebook Live Events. I am going to be doing four different Facebook Live events around my book release - March 21, March 28, April 4, and April 11. The first three will be on's Facebook page. The last one will be on The Gospel Coalition's. I'll be talking about themes in my book, like teens and the church, teens and friendship, teens and parents, and teens and holiness. More info on my Speaking page if you're interested.

Giveaways! Throughout the month, I'll be partnering with and Crossway to do some pre-order giveaways and very cool exclusive stuff that I will keep you posted on.

The Harvest Show. I am going to be doing a live interview on The Harvest Show on Thursday, March 30, at 9 AM EST. The interview hopefully will be available after for me to share, but if you get The Harvest Show, maybe you want to watch. 

TGC National Conference. Last, Crossway will officially be launching This Changes Everything at TGC National Conference from April 3-5. And I'll be there! If you're there and you see me (or Dad, who will also be there!), please say hi. And buy my book (just kidding! I mean, I do want you to buy my book, but there's no pressure...seriously! But you should buy my book. Only if you want to, though!). 

Happy Tuesday, friends!