Growing in Grace: February 2017

Why I Won't Be Seeing (or Reviewing) The Shack Movie - Tim Challies: "I am ... sure that watching and reviewing The Shack would be an unwise and even sinful spiritual decision."

Matt Smethurst on Rap Music and Writing - Writers and editor need to read this interview. Seriously. Go. Read it!

Meet Generation Z - I wrote a fun and troubling review of a new book by James Emery White for The Gospel Coalition if you're interested.

7 Tips for Sharing the Gospel with Teens - While we're on a joyous self-promo run, I also wrote a piece on evangelism for Crossway's blog.

How to Respond to the Refugee Crisis - David Platt: "Much of our response to the refugee crisis seems to come from a foundation of fear, not faith. Much of it seems to flow from a view of the world that is far more American than biblical, far more concerned with the preservation of our country than the accomplishment of the Great Commission." - You guys, if you don't read this beautiful blog, you really should consider it. Lore Ferguson Wilbert is such a gutsy and vulnerable yet gentle and poetic writer. She makes me want to be so much better.

Andy Crouch: My Work as a Father Will Outlast Any Word I'll Ever Write - This episode of Christianity Today's podcast The Calling with Andy Crouch was fascinating and beautiful.

Lay Aside the Weight of Insecurity - "We’re all familiar with insecurity, but what’s making us feel this way — and how do we get free from it?"

Today Is My Birthday Because My Mom Chose Life - This is a hopeful and heartwarming testimony, yet devastating because of its implications. Fight for life.

Calvinist: The Official Trailer - Man, am I ever excited for this movie! And it comes out just in time for my 20th birthday (I don't know, I just feel like there's got to be some significance there...maybe?).

Beware the Instagram Bible - "Beware the Instagram Bible, my daughters. It shines a partial light. We must know it both for what it says and for what it does not."

This Is Our Time - "This is the world that God has called us to serve. And this is our moment of service and calling." Yes and amen.