What I Wish Every Teenager Knew

Last week I was privileged to be published on the Lies Young Women Believe blog with a message I'm so passionate about, I want to share it with you too.

It's a message written to teenage girls but absolutely relevant to every single teenager.

This is a message I wish every teen would know: you are not too young.

You are not too young to do great things for God — big things and small things, dramatic things and ordinary things.

You're not too young to write a book. You're not too young to faithfully obey your parents. You're not too young to start a charity. You're not too young to study diligently. You're not too young to be a good friend. You're not too young to do mission work. You're not too young to read God's Word for yourself. 

You are not too young.

Here's what I shared on the LYWB blog:


Have you ever felt too young to do great things for God? Too limited or paralyzed by your age, circumstances, or seeming lack of opportunity and resources?

Have you ever looked at missionaries, charity workers, authors, speakers, musicians, artists, or politicians who are doing something big for the kingdom of God and thought, I wish I could do that?

Has anyone ever laughed at your dreams or told you they’re unrealistic because “you’re too young”?

Me, too.

When I was a kid, I had the dream to write a book. At age ten, I read Do Hard Things (which Alex and Brett Harris wrote when they were eighteen), and I thought, If only I could do what they’re doing.

It wasn’t just writing. I loved reading biographies and getting lost in the lives of famous kingdom-workers. Awestruck, I read about Christians starting orphanages in Africa, caring for street children in England, rescuing prostitutes in India, flying Bibles to remote jungles, planting underground churches in China, and using their gifts and passions to change the world.

But I couldn’t do what they were doing. It seemed impossible. I was just too young.

Did you know that a certain young person in the Bible shared these same thoughts? Someone pretty famous, too—the prophet Jeremiah.


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