6 Ways to Help Teens Doubting Their Faith

I was on Beliefnet this week with this piece:

"Navigating the world of faith as a teenager in the twenty-first century can be overwhelmingly confusing, complicated, and tenuous. We’re establishing our intellectual independence and our ethical convictions, and we’re brimful of questions. We want unshakeable and unwavering faith, but it’s the very teens who grew up in the church (or who are recent converts) that often face the most doubts about the gospel and Christianity. These teens are most assuredly saved and have no legitimate cause for doubt, yet they persistently wrestle with it.

Of course, they’re not alone. Christians throughout the ages have struggled with assurance and belief. Even the apostle Peter standing on a storming sea was infected by disbelief and began to sink (Matt. 14:30). But teens need a particular kind of gospel-directed, love-motivated, gently-spoken instruction. 


Perhaps you’re a parent, pastor, youth worker, or teen yourself who wants to know how to counsel a doubting teen through this dark period. As a teen myself, here are six practical suggestions for ways to help."
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